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Carpet cleaning and maintenance is not as simple as it sounds. The vacuum cleaner that you have at home cleans off the dust and dirt superficially but it is unable to clean the carpet deeply. Further, vacuuming cannot kill the bacteria that grow in your carpet. It cannot treat the moulds. The stains require special cleaning otherwise they can cause discolouration. If you want your carpet to last longer, you must get it professionally cleaned by us at least twice a year.

Deluxe Carpet Cleaning offers high quality carpet cleaning Newtown services to both commercial as well as domestic sectors. We are fully equipped to handle all volumes of work, from a standard sized carpet at your home to fully carpeted offices. Our services are always in accordance with highest Australian standards. Being a licensed and certified company, we are always committed to follow all relevant OH & S guidelines and other related codes of practices that are required to ensure complete safety of your property.

Our people are trained professionals who have a good amount of hands-off experience in dealing with all forms of carpets. We have hand-picked them to assure you a satisfactory experience. All of them have a clean background record and are completely well versed with all relevant cleaning standards that they need to follow. They will visit you in well equipped service vans that have a good stock of cleaning products and equipments that they may need to restore your carpet. Our professional grade carpet cleaning Newtown services will surely make your carpet cleaner and healthier.

We are stain removal experts

Stains are the filthiest things that spoil the look of your carpet. The red wine you dropped during your party, your pet’s urine stains, your child’s juice stains, etc. are too tough to be removed by you. Instead of trying to clean them yourself, you must trust us. We have invested heavily in buying the best quality cleaners that will gently get the stains out of your carpet without damaging the fabric in any way. We can treat most stains safely. Our cleaning products are very gentle and they do not cause any discolouration. If required, we may do a patch test. We will at first treat the stains carefully and then clean your upholstery to ensure a flawless look.

The stain removal products that we use are absolutely safe for young babies and highly sensitive people. They do not emit any foul smell that will irritate your people. We will thoroughly rinse the cleaning products so that they don’t leave a sticky residue that will attract dust, dirt, and grime.

Choose our steam carpet cleaning Newtown services to give a thorough cleanup to your carpet. We use high pressured steam to remove the stains and sanitize it. Our steam cleaning process uses less amount of water and therefore, you would be able to walk on your carpet within just a few hours. It is a completely chemical process and is the best choice for people who are highly sensitive to chemicals or have young children at home.

Both our steam cleaning and dry carpet cleaning Newtown services are equally effective and safe. We leave the choice on you. To schedule your service, get in touch with us at 1800 684 506 .

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