Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning


Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning That Truly Does the Job Justice

The most infested and unhygienic parts of your home or office are your carpet and upholstery.

While it might seem like not a big deal, over time, it can create a surge of allergens, bacteria, dust mites, mould, foul odours, dirt and grime to infiltrate your space, negatively impacting the overall indoor air quality of your home.

Deluxe Carpet Cleaning Sydney offers professional upholstery cleaning services for your house or office furniture and carpeting.

Whether you've got the finest natural fibres or the hardest of synthetic fabrics, we'll pick the right treatment for your next upholstery clean.

From your dining chairs to your couches, you can rely on us to take care of everything.

Request a quote and give your carpet and upholstery a professional touch.

Our Carpet and Upholstery Services

  • Armchair and Recliner Cleaning
  • Car Upholstery Cleaning
  • Couche and Loveseat Cleaning
  • Dining Chair Cleaning
  • House and Office Chair Cleaning
  • Ottoman Cleaning
  • Sofa Cleaning
  • And much more!

Our Process

Initial Assessment and Client Consultation

The process begins with a thorough assessment, analysing the type of material and the degree of soiling to determine the right cleaning solution and approach for your unique situation.

Our attentive upholstery cleaners identify existing damages and persistent stains, ensuring they receive an effective stain removal and maintenance during the entire cleaning process.

During the consultation, we can discuss specific concerns and pinpoint areas requiring special attention to ensure you are given the best service possible.

Preliminary Cleaning and Pre-Treatment

Our upholstery and couch cleaners will start off by performing a thorough vacuum clean, extracting all loose dirt and debris from your carpet and upholstery.

Specialised solutions are applied for pre-treatment, concentrating on enduring stains or high-traffic areas, preparing them for an in-depth cleansing.

Deep Cleaning Phase

In the deep cleaning stage, our upholstery cleaner will select between our two proven cleaning methods - steam cleaning and dry cleaning.

Steam cleaning utilises hot water extraction, robustly yet gently eliminating deeply embedded dirt and bacteria and rejuvenating your carpets and upholstery.

The dry cleaning method ensures that delicate fabrics are tenderly maintained, employing minimal-moisture cleaning techniques to preserve their integrity and colour.

Depending on the type of upholstered furniture and carpeting you have will determine the carpet and couch cleaning method used.

Post-Cleaning Inspection

A post-cleaning inspection is integral to our process, ensuring every fibre, corner, and concern has been addressed.

Our quality check ensures that your upholstery and carpet have been comprehensively cleaned and revitalised.

We then invite our clients for a walk-through to review the cleaning and ensure it meets and exceeds your expectations.

Follow Up and After Care Advice

Our commitment to your satisfaction extends beyond the cleaning process.

After we've finalised the cleaning process, we will perform a follow up with you and provide after-care advice. This is to make sure you know how to maintain the space so it lasts for years to come.

Why Choose Us?

Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal

The biggest reason people get a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service is that it can improve the overall appearance of your home or office.

There's a remarkable transformation that occurs when you get your space professionally cleaned. From bringing back the colour to improving the quality of your flooring and furnishings, your space will feel brand new once again.

Extending Your Carpet & Upholstery Lifespan

Besides the obvious benefit of appearance alone, by cleaning your upholstery, you are extending its lifespan by double, sometimes triple.

Having your upholstery professionally cleaned means you're helping remove unhealthy allergens such as dust mites to mould, increasing the longevity of your flooring and furnishings.

Improved Safety, Hygiene, & Wellbeing

A clean and hygienic environment is essential to your overall well-being.

Eliminating hidden allergens, bacteria, and pathogens nestled within fabric fibres, will improve the air quality of your space and your physical and mental health. By hiring Deluxe Carpet Cleaning Sydney, you can transform your home or office into a sanctuary where you can live, work, and relax with an absolute peace of mind.

Indulge in Quality & Expertise

Choosing a professional upholstery and carpet cleaning service means choosing expertise, precision, and assurance in quality. From our cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art cleaning products, to our team of seasoned experts, our services go above and beyond to provide you with quality fabric protection and maintenance.

Our professional cleaning service aims to deliver impeccable results while being gentle on your belongings, ensuring that every clean up enhances and never erodes. You can trust us to turn your home or office into a serene sanctuary.

Deluxe Carpet Cleaning: Keeping Your Space in Tip Top Shape

Transform your space for the better with just a bit of sprucing up.

At Deluxe Carpet Cleaning, we offer a professional upholstery cleaning service that truly delivers, making sure your space from the ceilings to the floor is kept in tip-top shape.

With more than 20 years in the business, we've made our mark providing an all-encompassing and comprehensive cleaning solutions. In addition to our upholstery and carpet cleaning services, we offer rug cleaning, leather lounge cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and much more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should cleaning be performed?

It's recommended to professionally clean your carpets and upholstery at least once or twice a year to maintain a healthy, vibrant environment in your home or office.

Is the process safe for pets and children?

Absolutely. We prioritise the use of safe, non-toxic cleaning agents that present no risk to your little ones or furry friends.

How long will the cleaning process take?

Duration varies based on the material and condition, but we strive to work efficiently without compromising thoroughness. Speak to our team today to get a rough estimate.

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