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How long do the carpets take to dry after a steam clean?

Depends on the service and the amount of cleaning that is needed. However, standard drying times are between 4 – 6 hours. This is also impacted by the air flow within your home, the ventilation, the humidity, carpet thickness etc.

What is the difference between a steam and dry clean?

The process of steam cleaning is a hot extraction method, using water. Deep cleaning maintains the life of your carpet.

The dry clean is a method of top layer/surface carpet polish and vacuum. Dry Cleaning uses very little water and our eco-friendly chemicals. The benefit of Dry Cleaning leaves your carpets dry, ready to walk on almost immediately. The technician can assess and general maintenance, ensuring a quick and effective, surface clean.

Can you guarantee stain removal?

Whilst our technicians will do their absolute best, we cannot provide a guarantee that the stain will lift/removed. It is also difficult to provide an indication as to the likely of stain removal, as there are many factors to consider, and most won’t be determined until we undertake the clean.

Some stains are caused from acids, and permanent dyes that are permanent, and cannot be removed. Some harsh stains may leave a yellow mark on the surface before or after cleaning. In some situations, deep stains are not visible upon visual inspection. After professional cleaning, these stains may surface.

The technicians at Deluxe Carpet Cleaning use a variety of methods and different chemicals to address stains. As part of every pre-inspection, the technician will provide an indication of likelihood of successful stain removal.

What should I do after I drop wine on the carpet?

You can use a dry cloth and blot inwards, avoid rubbing as this will cause the wine to spread. Use water and keep blotting to dilute. We do not recommend the use of any household remedy, internet sensation or household chemicals, in our experience this may make the stain worse. Ultimately the best decision is to leave the spill alone and contact Deluxe Carpet Cleaning.

What should I do after we get slime/play doh on the carpet?

This can be really tricky and sticky! You can leave the slime/play doh to dry and using a gentle brush, try to loosen and remove from the carpets. There may be some colour transfer, staining the carpets depending on the product. Calling the professionals at Deluxe Carpet Cleaning is important, as our technicians can remove the slime/play doh, and the treat with our eco-friendly chemicals the colour transfer/stain.

How often should I get a professional clean of my carpets, sofa,etc.?

This depends on your personal circumstances and needs. If you are a pet lover or have small children, we recommend at least every 6 months. In most circumstances we recommend at least once a year. This is important to ensure the overall cleanliness of your carpets, rugs and upholstery including expanding the life span.

What’s involved in leather cleaning?

The Deluxe Cleaning technicians clean and treat leather by hand, using a microfiber cloth. The motion of hand cleaning helps heals the leather, massaging our condition treatment into the leather. This process helps maintain the leather finishes, safeguarding from cracks or further deterioration.

Why is leather cleaning important?

Having your leather professionally cleaned and conditioned on a regular basis will prevent the build-up and accumulation of dirt and oils. We recommend at least once per year, depending on the frequency of use. Our professional cleaning process will help retain the leather’s protective coating, that acts as a resistant of the absorption of spills and dirt.

Can you clean a shag rug?

The Shag rug is a family favourite, the feeling is luxurious, with the long and delicate fabric-piles. However due to those fibres the Shag rug needs regular vacuuming to retain is fluff, plump look. In addition to regular vacuuming, professional steam cleaning at least once per year is highly recommended to help retain its fresh look and feel overtime.

How long does it take for a rug to dry?

Drying times with rugs can vary, related to the fabric type. Generally, most rugs (low pile) need anywhere from 4 – 6 hours to dry. In some circumstances drying times can take up to 24 hours to completely dry, depending on the fabric type, the air flow, humidity and temperature in your home.

What does the anti-bacterial sanitiser do?

Our anti-bacterial sanitiser is often recommended as part of a professional clean, suitable for both carpets and upholstery. The anti-bacterial sanitiser disinfects, neutralisers and can remove odours in carpets and upholstery.

The anti-bacterial sanitiser is an added treatment in the professional cleaning process that kills germs, toxins, addresses mould and mildew growth.

How do I clean dog/cat urine or faeces off the carpet?

For most indoor pet lovers this is the inevitable. When an accident happens, it’s really important to have a professional steam clean or either your upholstery or carpets. The process of professional cleaning, which includes the anti-bacterial sanitiser will address the enzyme that pet urine particularly leaves in the area. That enzyme encourages the pet to return and urinate in the same area.

You can attempt to address on your own. Don’t rub or scrub, this will push the urine further into the carpets and will also help spread the urine, causing further damage.

If the carpets have dried out, and there is lingering odour, this will need professional carpet treatments to correctly resolve the underlying problems.

What do I do if we have a water leak on the carpet?

A water leak can leave a significant amount on the carpets, they if left untreated will cause damage to the carpet and padding underneath. Untreated water on carpet will inevitability turn into water stains, and can encourage the growth of mould. When this happens, you can try to absorb water by placing large white towels over the wet areas, and leave the towels on for several minutes until you feel they are soaked.Don’t leave the towels for several hours and definitely not overnight as this may produce a smell and incubate mould growth.

Contact Deluxe Carpet Cleaning for professional hot water extraction, which will kill any toxins and bacteria remaining in the carpet fibres.

Wet carpets from a burst sewerage?

Burst sewerage water can cause significant damage to your carpets and the water itself can be toxic. When this occurs its best to contact the professionals at Deluxe Carpet Cleaning instead of trying to address yourself. The process to address this successfully is the full carpet restoration which includes the best equipment, the best chemicals and trained professionals.

My carpets smell. What do I do?

There are several reasons for your carpets to smell. These could include pet urine, water stains, mould/mildew, fires, saturation of water/spills untreated on carpets, cigarette smoke to name a few. Carpet smells can be difficult to remove and sometimes may require several professional treatments. The best way to a avoid carpet smells is to be proactive and prevent them from developing, this can be achieved with regular professional steam cleaning, that includes the anti-bacterial sanitiser and deodoriser.

Are the chemicals used safe for pets and children?

We only us the most effective cleaning products and solutions available and are trained to use them with adequately. All our products are 100% safe for pets and children, natural, and non-toxic.

Do I Have to Move Any Furniture Before Cleaning Technicians Arrive?

Whatever you can do to expose as much carpet space! The technicians are not permitted to move heavy and/or fragile items. Heavy furniture includes sofas, dining tables, beds, dressers, piano etc. In most cases where the wand can reach, the technician will try to go under, if this is not possible, the technician will clean around heavy furniture.

Is scotch guarding your carpets/upholstery worthwhile?

Ultimately Yes, however there is an additional cost for this added protection. Scotchgard is a liquid Teflon plastic which is diluted. We apply the Scotchgard to our cleaning process whilst the carpets and or upholstery are still wet. Once everything dries up, the product is set, it acts as a barrier, helping to protect carpets from fabrics from significant and sometimes permanent stains. The fabric protection (Scotchgard) makes it easier for you to clean spills that generally leaves a stain. It is recommended that your Scotchgard your carpets and upholstery once every 12-24 months.

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